End of Eternity for a Day (Falling Into…)

Here I am
At the middle part of my life
Even when it seems to be the cliff of the final
Who really matters if there’s enough time?
I start to feel the embrace of the cold white light

What I have built, what I have done
Still don’t worth the chance of keep me on the road
Material grimes of intranscendental rhymes
Written on the faded book of the ordinary tries

How far do you think can I really walk?
With a broken esteem and the illusions torn apart
The brightest memories of a velvet child
Lay now corrupted by the inclement face of time

The swamped past of my confused mind
Bring me to present the tragedies of a mistaken path
And when the future waits for you with his raped open arms
I know that will be the hour to escape from the tyranny of life!

If there’s no more hope, why can’t just get out of this world?

Looking for shapes who keeps me ever down
Was everybody’s lord? or just the demon of my own?
Am I the walk of a death? Am I the only one to blame?
Or I’m just being part of an ethereal sickest game?

But lost in the waves of a coward’s crime
I stop the blindness and assume this guilt of mine
If someone condemned me to live this shameful life
Then I will condemn you to ever see me try!

No matter how melted my knees are with the floor
Whether I wanted or not, I finally will stand up
At the end of this misery, no matter if there’s still pain
My life, with or without my will, shall recover his aim

But today, and just for today
My mind has falling into the oblivion…