Y para l@s que Siguen Preguntando...

"When you play everything with double bass, you lose the ability to express yourself on stage."

- Luca Turilli

"I was very concerned with technique for a long, long time. But, technique does not involve [playing] fast only. It is when the one note counts, you know?"

- Yngwie Malmsteen

"It was Roger Glover (Deep Purple and Rainbow bassist and producer) who helped me to recognize that speed was simply ego-fattening. If I found myself just running around, especially on Purple records, Roger would often say to me, 'Well that’s a great exercise. It’s very fast, but it doesn’t mean a lot.’ At first I would say, 'Well I think it does.’ But then I started to realize that it was true. It wasn’t an extension of what was going on in the song. I was just being self-indulgent. So then I would stop and think, 'What do I really want to hear?’ And I find that much more rewarding. It’s kind of easy to run around and play scales. It’s much more difficult to slow down and just hold a note"

- Ritchie Blackmore

Sólo una brisa sobre un mar de motivos... basta por favor.